Work with AI to create the perfect playlist for any occasion.

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This is a picture of the Mix.It app for iPhone in the swiping screen. The user is currently swiping right on a song and adding it to a mix.

You are the DJ.

Mix.It works with you to build moving playlists.


Check out what Mix.It can do!

This is the suggested songs page. This page recomends songs to play next based on the currently playing song and your music listening history.

Music Player

Play your music with a beautiful in app music player that adapts to the album artwork.

Up Next

Inside the music player Mix.It recomends songs to play next, so even if the mix runs out you still have something awesome to play.

Smart Playlists

Mix.It can also create Smart Playlists with filters. Easily alowing you to group your favorites into playlists or exlude bad songs.


Search your entire library to find the song you need instantly.

Compatible with your Music

Mix.It works with Apple Music®, iTunes® content, and any music synced to your iPhone® via itunes®.

Export and Share

Any mix created in Mix.It can be exported to the music app, or shared to other Mix.It users.

Not Just Free, Ad Free

Mix.It is free to download, and has no ads. Just you and your music.

Library View

Mix.It features multiple library views and sorting options so you can find the perfect song. Mix.It also supports filters, to remove unplayed songs or specfic genres.

This is a library view. This page allows users to easily view, filter and sort their library.

How It Works

Mix.It works with you to build moving playlists.

Pick Some Hints

This is a Mix edit page. This allows users to easily add/remove hints and songs, along with other functions.

A hint can be an artist, song, genere or album. Add two or more to Mix.It and get ready to build an awesome playlist.

Swipe On Songs

This is the Mix swipe page. This page takes a stack of playlist song recomendations and allows users to swipe on them. Swiping right adds it to the playlist, swipping left skips it.

Mix.It provides a large stack of recomendations for your playlist. Swipe right to add a song, Swipe left to decline the recomendation. Mix.It then learns from your swipes and makes the AI better.

Play Your Mix

This is Mix.It's music player. This player changes them based on the album artwork of the currently playing song.

Use our built in music player or the standard music app to play your mix.